Driving on the highways in the south is always interesting.  The various billboards sometimes keep one wondering, laughing, and occasionally forlorn.  Sometimes billboards are just plain annoying.  They can take a beautiful landscape and make it cluttered and tired.  I don’t know how effective billboards are at making statements, political or otherwise, but they must work because people keep buying the space to promote their message.  

I am always amused a the Chic Fil A billboards of the cows promoting, “eat more chicken.” My favorite billboard is the one that points to clean restrooms.  Cracker Barrell is usually a safe stopping place and a fun place to look around.  For sure, many billboards are screaming for our attention.  Everyone, especially injury lawyers, has a message they want people to see.  

As I have been spending time with the Lord this morning on my back porch, I am parked on Psalm 30.  This is one Psalm I love.  I learned a song years ago from the words of this Psalm.  This Psalm is David’s billboard proclaiming some big truths he had learned and wanted to shout to the world.  The truths were that God is sovereign, he loves us enough to discipline us, and he is life’s only great healer and sustainer.  And regardless of where you find yourself, as a believer in Jesus, joy comes with the morning.  WOW!  Don’t you love that last phrase…joy comes in the morning? 

I like how David Guzik puts it, “This is a contrast between the momentary nature of God’s anger with His people and the lasting favor He holds them in. In New Testament vocabulary, we might say that the correction or discipline of God is for a moment, but His grace abides forever.”

This Psalm was David’s billboard moment, when he wanted to shout to the world, to you and me, his readers, God’s correction and discipline is for a time, but boy oh boy, God’s grace is forever! We take so much for granted being on this side of the cross.  Our greatest treasure is the truth that God’s great grace is available!  But doesn’t this great grace mean we must shout this truth to a world in pain and confusion?  

Okay, I am not advocating another billboard or even a sandwich board advertising God’s gift of forgiveness.  It has been done and probably isn’t effective, practical, or helpful.  But I think our transformed lives should be our silent yet powerful message to the world, our “billboard,” that God can change a life from mourning to dancing.  The message is that we can strip off the sackcloth and ashes and accept God’s amazing gift of grace.  Honestly, our lives, when transformed, should be a billboard to God’s unfailing goodness.  Our lives should point to Jesus and show his great glory.  

Today, let’s remember with David, “You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, that I might sing praises to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever!”

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