What To Do When Your Heart is Sad!

This Psalm is one of my favorites.  I love how the Psalmist is truthful about his discouragement, trying to hide nothing from his readers.  His heart is heavy. 

The Storms of Life

Happy Tuesday!!

Years ago, we lived in a house with a wonderfully large basement.  Our kids loved to ride bikes and rollerblading around the amazing space.  It was a mother’s “dream basement”- space and lots of it for play.  The kids and their friends spent hours upon hours down there! But there was one concern I had, over the years one wall of the foundation seemed to be a bit iffy.


One of the great things about getting a bit older is having so many memories. Some of them make me smile, some are sad, and then there are those that make me feel the same way I did as the original event took place. This is one of those times.