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Hi! I am delighted that you are visiting today and I hope you are looking forward to picking up a copy of my new book, Pack Your Baggage, Honey, We’re Moving to Paris! It has been a long time coming: a lot like birthing a baby. You can order your book today. Click on my picture to read more about me


From Bible-teaching sessions addressed to hundreds of women, to practical equipping breakouts, to small gatherings of your church Bible study- I love to teach!

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Freedom from Insecurities!

(Great for a personal read or as a Women’s Bible study)

As a person who has struggled a lot with insecurities this book was so very helpful. To hear Anne’s personal stories and stories of her friends when it comes to the struggle of emotional baggage that comes with insecurities really made freedom from the insecurities I’ve carried with me from my past seem possible.

She gives practical ways to put the work in to find freedom. This book would be a great resource for a women’s Bible study. I SO appreciated the many connections she made with stories from Scripture and the many Bible verses throughout. As someone who likes to cross stitch while listening to something, this audiobook was a very easy listen.

I also love to hear personal stories so, it was really easy to listen to this book in large chunks at a time as well as pause it and pick it back up where I left off. I’ve lived overseas myself, but this book is so relatable not only for those who have lived abroad but any Christian woman who wants to grow in freedom from the pain of her past. I strongly recommend this audiobook to anyone who wants to find freedom from insecurities that come with emotional baggage.

Jasmine M.

YOUVERSION Devotionals by Anne Farnum

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One reader recently wrote,”I read your devotional on YouVersion Bible App, which lead me to your book and blogs. This one is so timely. Thank you for sharing all that God is showing and teaching you with others.”

I recently made this video- with the help of my talented daughter, Rebekah. It was used for a Facebook event sponsored by my publisher. If you have some time and want to know more about my publishing journey, grab a cup of tea and take a listen.

Anne has a beautiful way of taking less familiar Scriptures to point out deep spiritual truth. She draws from them obvious and important truth we’ve not seen before, a truth that can change the way we think and act. She understands the deep fears and anxieties that hamper a woman’s spiritual growth. You will be charmed as Anne shows you how sweetly God helped her discover her own hidden baggage, to bring it into the light of God’s Word, and understand it’s destructiveness. Her every premise is built on the honest, healing truth of Scripture.

Elizabeth Handford, Author, Greenville SC


  • Billboards!
    The message is that we can strip off the sackcloth and ashes and accept God’s amazing gift of grace.  Honestly, our lives, when transformed, should be a billboard to God’s unfailing goodness.  Our lives should point to Jesus and show his great glory.  
  • A Masterpiece?
    Whenever I asked my guests for their opinion on the Mona Lisa, they almost always described it as unimpressive.  It is small.  Not at all what was expected.  But they were glad they had been close to de Vinci’s masterpiece.   
  • Where is the Fruit?
    This is how UNION acts, living, moving, and existing in Jesus!
  • The Lies We Tell Ourselves!
    Renewing our minds happens when we feed ourselves the truth of whom God says we are rather than lies from the many “voices” telling us otherwise.  
  • A Parisian Game of Chicken!
    Living in Paris, one of the most challenging things for me was knowing when I could act like I did stateside and get away with it and when that behavior would never work. This story is about a situation where I found my southern stateside behavior would never work!
  • Who Am I in Christ?
    Although we live in this world, our real citizenship is not here.  Our allegiance, loyalty, and hope are in the God we serve, and this position in Christ should make us more heavenly-minded. 
  • Hands down, It’s Easter!
    If I am asked about my favorite holiday, hands down, it’s Easter! It has always been the most special day of celebration for me. Easter growing up meant a day of utter and total tiredness. It was exhausting but wonderful! It was a glorious day from the sunrise service that began long before sunrise toContinue reading “Hands down, It’s Easter!”
  • What’s Your Purpose?
    Happy Tuesday! here are some of my thoughts on my time in the special education classroom.
  • Are You Thirsty?
    When the company asked us to move to Paris for several years, we decided to keep our house in the States so that we would have a place to return to when we came home.  Several months before moving to Paris, we put in a sprinkler system.
Our entrance door to our flat in the 6th arrondissement in Paris. Right next to a Starbuck’s and a Monoprix Grocery. Talk about convenient.
That is the Mona Lisa- smaller than you thought?
Monet’s Gardens
My copy finally arrived!

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