The Lies We Tell Ourselves!

Renewing our minds happens when we feed ourselves the truth of whom God says we are rather than lies from the many “voices” telling us otherwise.  

A Parisian Game of Chicken!

Living in Paris, one of the most challenging things for me was knowing when I could act like I did stateside and get away with it and when that behavior would never work. This story is about a situation where I found my southern stateside behavior would never work!

Who Am I in Christ?

Although we live in this world, our real citizenship is not here.  Our allegiance, loyalty, and hope are in the God we serve, and this position in Christ should make us more heavenly-minded. 

Hands down, It’s Easter!

If I am asked about my favorite holiday, hands down, it’s Easter! It has always been the most special day of celebration for me. Easter growing up meant a day of utter and total tiredness. It was exhausting but wonderful! It was a glorious day from the sunrise service that began long before sunrise toContinue reading “Hands down, It’s Easter!”