The term reimagine has been used a lot in recent days. Some politicians say, let’s reimagine what life could be like, what educating children might look like, what cleaner energy could do for our world, and even how we socialize. There are a lot of folks wanting things to look a whole lot different than the way they currently look. The status quo, it seems, is being rejected and replaced with reimagining. Reimagining what a world looks like when everything is shaken up a bit or turned upside down.

What Really Matters?

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, what really matters? I mean, what is important and central to life, what really matters anyway? I think we all have. Asking this question isn’t dependent on your social status, what you own, or the way you look or don’t look. No, it is common to all humankind to wonder, what really matters?

The Really Big Noise

One of my favorite things about being in Scripture daily and from year to year is the joy of seeing something brand new, something I have never seen before. That very thing happened to me this morning as I was in the word. I love spending time in Scripture, and so I spend a lot of time reading, studying, and learning. The truth is I have a very long way to go in understanding Scripture and wish I had chosen to do some formal Bible training in school, but I didn’t.

How Long Are You Going to Wait?

UGH! I don’t know how that last sentence made you feel, but it convicted me! But whatever the reason, the people were living with less than God had planned for them. I do the same thing. What about you? I know that God has a plan for my life, yet I don’t always wait to follow him; instead, I manipulate my agenda. I find myself pushing open doors of “opportunity” that may not be his plan for me.