A Flood of Light

Last night, we babysat our four young grandsons so that their mom and dad could get a much-needed evening out. Putting four young boys to bed is a challenge, but oh, how I love the conversations we have when the lights are finally put out, and we are giving them the last kiss goodnight. As is usual, last night, more songs were requested.

Do you want to SUPERSIZE that?

Do you want to supersize that? I imagine, if you are like most of us in America, McDonald’s supersize fries, and an extra-large drink pops into your head. McDonald’s came out with this supersize ad campaign in April of 1992. But by 2004, they were phasing out this option as they decided to simplify their menu and offer some healthier choices.

A Small Army of Little People

This verse has been taped to my kitchen window above my sink for a couple of weeks now. I was finishing reading through 1 Corinthians when it jumped off the page to me one morning. Does that ever happen to you? I usually try to pull myself out of my bed early before the kids wake up for a quiet moment with just coffee, God and His Word and some birds that interrupt the silence with their backyard music. And while I don’t feel this every day, some days, it’s so clear to me what God wants me to see and hear in His Word.

What the World Needs Now!

About a year ago, my husband and I were at the Cove in Asheville for a conference. As always, it was a fabulous time of teaching, worship, and fellowship. If you have never been there-you must go! But on this particular evening, our speaker began with these words…