John, Jacob, Jingle Heimer Smith

When I was out of ideas of entertaining things to do, we began to sing and out of the blue, from somewhere deep in the hollows of my mind came the words, “John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith, his name is my name too…” Those words got the boys’ attention. They especially loved it when I sang it louder and louder. I haven’t thought about that song in years, and yet, those words and tune were there at just the right moment. Isn’t the brain amazing?

How Not to Stay Lying in the Dust

“I lie in the dust, revive me by your words.” Psalm 119:25 It was two in the morning, and Janet had been tossing and turning all night.  She had tried everything to help her sleep, warm milk, a heating pad, and even some melatonin.  Yet here she was still struggling, with morning just around the corner.  This wasContinue reading “How Not to Stay Lying in the Dust”