The God who loved you enough to die on the cross for you loves you enough to help you lay down the emotional baggage holding you back from serving and living abundantly.

Anne Farnum

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Pack Your Baggage, Honey, We’re Moving to Paris! delivers insight into one woman’s journey from fear to freedom by way of a move to Paris. By examining the lives of two Old Testament kings, who made decisions on how to deal with baggage, the author helps women see how they too can experience freedom by once and for all dropping the emotional baggage they carry.

Why write a book about emotional baggage?

I was 18 and a college sophomore the first time I heard the term emotional baggage applied to the stuff in life that weighs us down, that holds us back, and that keeps us from experiencing life fully. But it certainly wasn’t the last time I thought about this topic.

For many years, I contemplated the idea of emotional baggage and how mine was keeping me from being fully committed to the Lord, how it was keeping me from experiencing the freedom I knew God offered me. To be completely transparent my baggage was keeping me from enjoying so much of my life.

But one thing I know for sure, I am not alone in this baggage carrying problem. So often, we as Christian women take our faith and our emotional baggage (on wheels) and simultaneously drag them along as we endeavor to walk as Jesus would. My experience confirms that baggage dragging isn’t effective when it comes to doing life. Honestly, not only does emotional baggage keep us from being Christlike, but we end up operating in a survival mode. The mode where we just do whatever makes us hurt the least and feel somewhat okay.

My reluctance to risk-taking and fear of the unknown kept me from being obedient. For years, I knew God had given me the gift of teaching women the Scriptures but each time I ventured out in faith to teach, I was met with the feeling of not being qualified for the job. I continually was telling myself, “I am not good enough” or not even capable to do what God is asking of me.

And so, I would submissively and passively back away from the assignment God was giving me to do. I was tripping again and again over my emotional baggage, constantly enabling it to weigh me down. In many ways, I felt defeated.

Putting pen to paper, was in a sense my way of discovering the baggage I was carrying and then put it to rest once and for all. In Pack Your Baggage, Honey, We’re Moving to Paris! I recount my (for me ) gutsy and at times fear-filled move to Paris and my journey to become free from baggage hauling. Baggage which was, unfortunately, keeping me from being sold out to the Lord. In the book, you will read other women’s stories of baggage removal and you will see how to become baggage free through the authentic healing truth of God’s word.

My prayer for you is a big one! I am praying that as you read this book, you will discover more about who you are and a whole lot more about who God is. And as a result, that you find freedom from baggage and will grab hold of the freedom freely offered by the one who made you. 

Anne has a beautiful way of taking less familiar Scriptures to point out deep spiritual truth. She draws from them obvious and important truth we’ve not seen before, a truth that can change the way we think and act. She understands the deep fears and anxieties that hamper a woman’s spiritual growth. You will be charmed as Anne shows you how sweetly God helped her discover her own hidden baggage, to bring it into the light of God’s Word, and understand it’s destructiveness. Her every premise is built on the honest, healing truth of Scripture. Elizabeth Handford, Author, Greenville SC

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