My Weekly Thought

I love God’s word because it helps me know Jesus better, and sharing what I am learning with others is why I love to write.

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The message is that we can strip off the sackcloth and ashes and accept God’s amazing gift of grace.  Honestly, our lives, when transformed, should be a billboard to God’s unfailing goodness.  Our lives should point to Jesus and show his great glory.  

A Masterpiece?

Whenever I asked my guests for their opinion on the Mona Lisa, they almost always described it as unimpressive.  It is small.  Not at all what was expected.  But they were glad they had been close to de Vinci’s masterpiece.   

One reader recently wrote, “ I read your devotional on YouVersion Bible App., which pointed me to your book and blog. This one touched my heart. Thank you for sharing all that God is showing and teaching you with others.”

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