Where is that book?

The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him.
Nahum 1:7

Nahum, you know that book of the Bible-the one where you think to yourself, where is that book?  Isn’t that how we feel when the pastor says, open your Bible and turn to Nahum or _________-insert any of the minor prophets from the Old Testament?

As little as we tend to know about these somewhat smaller books of the Bible, they are filled with nuggets of truth for us today.

Nahum was written to communicate the coming destruction of Nineveh.  Yes, it’s the same Nineveh where Jonah went 100 plus years before to warn the people of their destruction.  The people responded to God’s compassion and repented, much to Jonah’s dismay.  

But now, some 100 plus years later, the people of Nineveh had forgotten about their heartfelt repentance and were about to meet the end of their earthly existence.  

The people of Ninevah, the Assyrians, were not pleasant, friendly people.  We would not have liked them very much. The truth is they were ruthless and were well-known for their savagery.  Such cruelty is rather hard for us to even think about.  The Assyrians had attacked God’s people more than once.  In 1612 BC, the King of Media yielded the final blow.  The truth was, Israel would be way better off with the Assyrians destroyed.  

 So, what is the purpose of Nahum?  Why does any of this matter to you and me?  I mean, what can we learn from this small, relatively obscure book of the Bible? 

Nahum was given a vision of destruction and was prophesying this problematic message.  He not only heard God’s message telling him what to prophesy, he saw the images of the coming destruction as well.  But in the middle of this super challenging message displaying God’s great power and authority, Nahum needed to be encouraged.  He needed to remember that “the Lord is good, he is a stronghold in the day of trouble, and he knows those of us who trust in him.”

Isn’t that how it is for us.  We see so much destruction all around us, here in our country and across the globe.  And with the vision of all that destruction, you and I need to remember one very undeniable nugget of truth, “the Lord is good, he is a stronghold in the day of trouble, and he knows those who trust in him.”  

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