A Bag of Money!

John 17:33b. “Here on earth, you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart because I have overcome the world.”

I don’t know about you but these words, “take heart, I have overcome the world,” bring a sense of peace to my soul that is refreshing and soothing. Truly a peace that is hard to describe with human words. A calm that surrounds me when the world’s problems want to take me down. Ahhhh! God’s word brings such a sense of control to a world spinning wildly out of control. A world in which evil seems to be triumphing over good.

When Jesus said these words, “you will have many trials and sorrows”, he must have been sad. Sad that his children, his disciples, his friends would have to see such heartache and difficulties.

But then came words that wash over a heart that is heavy and distressed. Words that bring astounding hope and comfort to the soul…”I have overcome the world.”

Praise God, our Jesus has overcome the world!

But, just how does a believer live differently knowing this fact? What does this mean for us? How do we live like one who KNOWS that Jesus has overcome this world? What should life look like TODAY, knowing MY Jesus OVERCAME the world way back then?

This morning, I spent some time reading about the three servants in Matthew 25:14-30. This well known parable holds much of the answer to this question of how are we to live. Three men each given a bag of money. Each man’s money given in proportion to his ability. The first man invested the money and doubled his original amount. The second man doubled his amount as well. And then the two men and their master partied to celebrate the profitable returns of the money.

But the third man, well, he buried his money and simply kept it safe. It never grew, he NEVER used it in any way. He merely hid the money and in fear, he just stayed non-involved and non-productive. At least, he could give the original amount back, no increase, no trials, and no risk, right?

We are just like those three men. We have a choice to make. If we know Jesus as our Savior, then the Holy Spirit has been deposited in us to help us. And that deposit is powerful! And with such a valuable power, the Lord has also given us an assignment to do, using the Holy Spirit’s influence and energy.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER …let me say it again, NEVER does God birth a new life, a new creation, and expect that child to bury the great gift, keeping it safe and protected. Saved but not bruised in any way. Saved and preserved for heaven with no trials or sorrows from this earth. NEVER!

No, he expects us to be like the two men who doubled their gifts. See when Jesus overcame the world, he did it with the expectation that his children would use this information, this advantage, to live lives of greatness. Lives that move comfort aside. Lives that are willing to RISK it all to follow him. Lives that say, this world is not my home, and I KNOW my Savior has already OVERCOME this world! It is a done deal!

How different would our world look with a revival in the church- a revival of simply becoming light and salt?

Oh, dear believer, our world has such a need for salt and light. Our world needs to see the Holy Spirit in us radiate the light of the world. Our world needs to see the believer’s life and thirst for such a life. Our world NEEDS Christians willing to take the risk, step out of comfort and convenience, and be light and salt to a world spinning out of control.

Are you IN? Do you believe that He has overcome the world?

Are you ready to abandon safety for the call to take on God’s assignment given just for you?

I have no idea what your assignment is, but God does, and he is more than willing to make that fact clear to you if you are ready to finally move forward. If you are ready to become savory salt, and a bright clear light, in a dark, out of control world, a world that is shuddering in fear, and without hope, he is willing to help you do it.

If you aren’t sure what your assignment is, ask him. He will tell you, and then get ready to know what that “power” feels like, that so many years ago overcame the world.

Lean in, press in, take heart, your Savior has overcome the world!

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