A Zoom Bible Study Invitation

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Pandemic- just saying the word invokes fear, uncertainly, and distress. It is a bit ironic that my book, Pack Your Baggage, Honey, We’re Moving to Paris! was released during a pandemic! A book about baggage, which for me involved FEAR! I don’t know about you, but at the moment I find myself struggling once again with that same old baggage. Wondering how is all this going to end?

But this time is different for me. Different because I know I don’t have to stay living in fear. This time as I have struggled, I have been able to go back to the principles in God’s word and re-apply them. To go back and review the lessons I learned years ago in Paris. This time I am more cognizant of where that fear is coming from. This time I better understand my heritage in Christ and my need to move forward in God’s strength alone. This time I have a better handle on what God’s word says to do with the fear I am facing. If today you are struggling with baggage, old, or maybe even brand new, I would love for you to join me as together we study God’s word to see how to unpack that baggage.

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For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7

3 thoughts on “A Zoom Bible Study Invitation

  1. Greetings my friend- reading your book in amongst others and they all tie together. “Ordinary Church”, “Can you hear me?” I was note taking yours, but I will have to go over it again. I know God has some break through for me, but doing my part – I get weigh- laid some times. Hope this finds all well w/ you and your family. Our farm in Ny had a fire at the boiler but all is good, Praise God for His great protection. Let me know how to get on board the study.

    Your friend in the Lord


  2. One more thing: once you register for the study – a few days before it begins you will receive a link that will click on the morning of the study. It will open up the Zoom link to take part in the study:)


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