Oh yes, I can!

That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. 2 Corinthians 4:16

I was sitting in a class when the instructor turned to my friend and me and said, “statistics show that being over 60 means you most likely won’t change what you are doing just because you’re participating in this class.”  My mouth dropped wide open when I comprehended what I was being told; basically, “old dogs can’t learn new tricks!”  Now in defense of the teacher, she is a friend, and she smiled when she said it, but the message was clear, you are old and set in your ways!  

From that day on, I have been determined to prove her wrong.  Who doesn’t like a challenge?  I certainly do!  

And so, I have attempted things I never thought I would.  I have used much of what I learned in the class to change how I teach and write. I have made a few new recipes, embraced drinking Amazing Grass for better nutrition, painted flowers and boats instead of my usual seaside cottages, downloaded and used helpful apps, blogged more consistently (this is #88-woohoo!), ridden my bike with more gusto and memorized new Scriptures.   

And my most significant accomplishment to date was learning how to add a navigation bar to my website!  Tada! Yup, Tada! Don’t think too poorly of me that this might be my best Tada- but I grew up typing on a manual typewriter, using white-out on mistakes, so website building feels like a significant accomplishment.  And I think I have proven, with great fanfare, that significantly old dogs can learn a few new tricks.

Today, maybe you feel like your best days are behind you, or perhaps you are young and have lost your vim for life.  So, I am here today to give you that little push you might need to try something challenging.  I am here to provide you with that gentle nudge to step out in faith to do something you know you should. Or perhaps you need to know that although your body is growing older day by day, your spirit is being renewed.  Whether you are a senior “dog” or a newer one, we can all learn new tricks.  When God asks us to partner with him in an assignment, we need to run with enthusiasm since he is the one who provides the strength to make it happen.  So today, I ask you, what is it the Lord is asking you to do?  Meet the challenge knowing, “That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.”

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4 thoughts on “Oh yes, I can!

  1. Figuring out this website stuff when it’s not in your normal wheel-house is a huge win! Thanks for the call to keep going and trying new things, especially those I feel called to do.


  2. Thanks, Kristin for stopping by for a bit. I am always encouraged to hear from others and really enjoyed seeing what you are up to at Kristin-robinson.com


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