A Bible Study Podcast Invitation

Nuggets of Truth Podcast

Getting to Know Jesus more deeply together through his word!

As a mother and daughter team, Rebekah and I are delighted to be hosting a new podcast, Nuggets of Truth. 

After team-teaching a Bible study a few years ago, we have been turning over in our heads (and praying about) the idea of doing a weekly podcast.  

Then, an opportunity to launch one “appeared,” and we decided to walk right through the wide-open door.  Our podcast is a work in progress, just like we are, but we are excited to share God’s word with you each week.  We will be releasing a new episode every Tuesday.  

Both Rebekah and I have been public school teachers; we both love learning.  For myself, that love has translated into oodles of Bible study, teaching, blogging and writing whenever the opportunity presents itself.  There are days I know I will burst if I don’t get to tell someone what I am learning about God and his plan for us. This predicament is the happy plight of a teacher!  

For Rebekah, the love of learning has meant, for now, she is focusing her energy on homeschooling while cohosting, Nuggets of Truth. Both she and the boys are flourishing with this educational arrangement. 

Here are Rebekah’s hopes for the Nuggets of Truth Podcast in her own words, “I’m a homeschooling, chicken-raising, outdoor-loving wife and boy mom to four who loves Jesus, my family, and fixing up our sweet ranch in the woods! My biggest hope for this podcast is that you (and I) would be filled with courage and wisdom as we learn more from God’s Word and how-to walk-in joy with Him each week!”

God has already surprised us by not only giving us an audience in our country but by taking this podcast outside its boundaries.  Our prayer is that this time together each week will encourage weary souls and be the catalyst for joyful growth as we dig more deeply into God’s word.

Will you pray with us, tune in, and then share with others how they can connect to the Nuggets of Truth Podcast?   We would also love to hear what topics might interest you- feel free to use the comments section below.

Join us at Nuggets of Truth Podcast

2 thoughts on “A Bible Study Podcast Invitation

  1. Anne, I would love to be able to hear your podcast. I must admit that sometimes I’m a little challenged by technology. I clicked on “Join us.” Will that allow me to hear the podcast and how do I do that?



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