Just Tell Your Story!

A friend recently asked me what is the best way to tell someone about Jesus?  My response, just tell your story.  Tell where you have been and where God has brought you.  Tell them what your heart looked like when it was stony and cold and how it functions now as a heart of beating flesh.  Share your journey; tell how you met Jesus.  Tell about the power of the Holy Spirit inside of you.  Tell what he has done for you, how he has changed you.  It is your story, and it is for sharing.

Psalm 107:2 tells us the same thing, “Has the Lord redeemed you?  Then speak out.  Tell others he has redeemed you from your enemies.”

I memorized Psalm 107:2 in the KJV years ago as a teenager.   “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…” were the words I learned. I am not sure I understood what these words meant at the time, but it is more evident to me now.  It is rather simple, just tell your story!

Psalm 107 continues on by describing four different groups of folks that need to hear your story.  

The first group is the lost, people wandering around in confusion, lost, homeless, tired, and hungry.  People who are looking for answers to life.  Who am I?  What is this life all about?

The second group is the guilty.  In verse 11, we read about the sinner who has rebelled against the word of God, living in sin and chained in misery.  

The next group is the sick.  The Psalmist talks about the sick who are knocking on death’s door and yet refusing food.

The final group is the stormed tossed.  The wind and the waves have ravaged this group.  They started on a calm sea, but now the winds have become strong, and the waves are crashing hard.  

 Do you know anyone who is lost, guilty, sick, or storm-tossed? 

 This Christmas, just tell them your story!

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3 thoughts on “Just Tell Your Story!

  1. Hi Anne. Just checked out a new cookbook from the library that includes recipes and notes from Paris. Thought of you immediately. Title is Lavette by Camille Fourmont and Kate Leahy. You might want to take a look once I return it. Miss your wonderful Christmas program this year. Wishing your family a blessed Christmas.

    Take care, friend. Paula



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