John, Jacob, Jingle Heimer Smith

Today, I am at my daughter’s “farm” caring for her 4 young boys while she is taking a class. The boys and I have played every game I have in my “game repertoire” along with a few they taught me. We have read stacks of books, created some artwork, changed some diapers, had lunch, and played Legos. For a moment, Charlie, our curious two-year-old got uncommonly quiet- which made things appear peaceful until I realized it was just too peaceful. I found him under the diningroom table with a mouthful of his brother’s birthday bubble gum. Quiet seemed good but …

When I was out of ideas of entertaining things to do, we began to sing and out of the blue, from somewhere deep in the hollows of my mind came the words, “John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith, his name is my name too…” Those words got the boys’ attention. They especially loved it when I sang it louder and louder. I haven’t thought about that song in years, and yet, those words and tune were there at just the right moment. Isn’t the brain amazing?

An article in Scientific American says, “A new study has found the brain’s information storage capacity may be around a quadrillion byte.” That is a whole lot of information! Information not thought about in years can come back to mind because of a smell, a thought, or a tune heard. Our marvelous brains remind us that we are wonderfully and fearfully made.

Just as a song filed away in the brain can be remembered, God’s word which has been deposited into the mind can be recalled at just the precise moment needed. Years ago, while working as a camp counselor, the instructor at the campfire one evening, looked at me and said, what does Romans 3:23 say? I opened my mouth and out came the words, “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” A verse I had learned years before was easily recalled. What surprised me was the “address” of the verse was enough to bring back the words of the verse. I am still amazed that God’s word can be recalled at the perfect moment it is required.

I often hear folks say, “I can’t memorize God’s word, nothing sticks!” My response to that is, don’t be deceived into thinking this is true! God’s word planted into the brain is never a waste of time, and once stored, can be brought up and used at the exact time it is required. Don’t minimize your ability to deposit God’s word in your memory. We never know when we will need it, and a day may come when what is filed in our brains is the only Word of God we have.

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