Nuggets of Truth Podcast

with Anne Farnum and Rebekah Bush

Getting to know Jesus more deeply together through his word!

Available on 7 platforms

The Hosts -the mother and daughter duo, Rebekah and Anne

Anne and Rebekah today!

Who they are…

Rebekah’s classroom and dininroom table. If there aren’t little boys learning at it, there are folks enjoying a delicious meal.

Their backgrounds…

Both have been public school teachers and homeschool teachers. Rebekah taught first grade in a language immersion school while living in Kentucky, and Anne taught Special Education in the public high school in South Carolina. Rebekah currently teaches her four boys at home. Both Anne and Rebekah love learning and teaching. A few years ago, they had a chance to team-teach for a women’s Bible study and loved it. At that time, they realized how easy it was to interact- almost as if they were mother and daughter (hehe!), so they decided to make it a permanent arrangement. Thus the dream and then the birth of the Nuggets of Truth Podcast.

This was circa 1987 taken in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Rebekah followed a brother hence the blue overalls, and Anne was still getting back the lost hair of pregnancy. But even then, you could tell they were destined to enjoying time together.

Their amazing and spacious studio is the walk in closet. Oh yes, this is where the best acoustics are and it is nice and quiet; no dogs barking and no sirens sounding. Maybe someday they will graduate to a studio in Rebekah’s barn, which they might have to share with a few chickens, but until then this is their digs.

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