Swimming Upstream-Season 1 Episode 11

Nuggets of Truth Podcast

Often, we can find ourselves swimming upstream when most of our world is swimming in the opposite direction. Join us today as we chat about how to find the endurance to swim against a strong current in a way that makes much of Jesus.

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Show Notes:

Website: authorannefarnum.com

Find us on Instagram and Facebook- @nuggetsoftruthpodcast

Scripture References:

Mark 14:72

Acts 1:8

Romans 8:11

Luke 12:11

John 21

Psalm 51

Quotes Mentioned:

John Piper- “The promise is that the Holy Spirit will help us in the most frightening settings, and so how much more may we depend on Him in less threatening situations.”

Additional Resources:

The Chosen- download the Chosen App to watch

Click here to listen to the Nuggets of Truth Podcast!

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