A Holy Whisper

…and after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper.  1 Kings 19:12b

I have been attending a wonderful Zoom Bible study taught by my friend Angela. It was on one of my favorite Psalms, Psalm 46. She spoke this past week on meditation. As I have spent some time thinking about this topic, I came across this David Jeremiah quote.

“The mere whisper of the Holy Spirit can drown out the thundering noise of an entire world”

David Jeremiah

The words resonated with me immediately and intensely. I don’t know how you are feeling right now, but I have been overcome and overwhelmed at times with all the noise from this crazy world we are living in. Pandemics, masks, protests, riots, anarchy, elections, school openings or closings, murders, gloves, vaccines, crime rates…I can go on and on. I know you could add some to my list. And all this stuff is occurring outside my home, in the world around me. Inside my home, I have been working on a book, preparing for a Facebook Event, thinking about the coming months’ schedule, worrying about a sniffle or a cough, and getting groceries in a way that is anything but normal.

No matter who you are or where you live, you too are affected by the thundering noise of the abnormal. It is LOUD! But there is hope. Hope that comes as a free gift, his name is Jesus. And for those who know Jesus, the thundering noise of the world can be quieted by a still small voice of the Holy Spirit, whispering truth. Glorious truth that God is in control, that he is sovereign, that he is more than able to carry us through any situation or time, no matter the degree of strangeness it may embody.

Elijah understood the glorious sound of the still small voice, a holy whisper of God. Elijah had been through the toughest of times. He was weary, exhausted, and spent. His reserves were used up and he was drained empty. Scripture tells us, Elijah laid down under a broom tree and asked to die. He had had all he could take! Can you relate? An angel came and ministered to Elijah, giving him food to eat. He had a long journey ahead of him and would need the strength. For forty days and nights, he traveled. Finally, Elijah found himself at Mt Sinai, the same mountain where Moses had encountered the burning bush. It was a place of significance, the mountain of God. Surely, Elijah would find safety and rest there! There he found a cave and went in to hide.

The Lord spoke to Elijah, “what are you doing here?” And Elijah replied I have served you zealously. I am now alone with no one to stand with me against the enemy. The Lord told Elijah, go and stand out in front of the cave and I will pass by. As Elijah stood there a mighty windstorm hit blowing everything around, then an earthquake rattled the ground, and then a fire began to burn. Can you imagine how tired and worn-out Elijah must have felt with all this thundering noise? Wondering, how much more can I possibly take? And then the miraculous happened. Everything got quiet for a minute. What we don’t know is did it only get quiet for Elijah or did anyone nearby also feel the chaos coming to an end? But what we know is, at that moment, Elijah only heard the still small voice of the Lord. Nothing else was making noise. And at that moment Elijah was given comfort and a new instruction of how to move forward for another day. It was in the still small voice that God met with Elijah.

He wants to meet with us today in the same way. Quiet your heart and mind for a moment and let the word of God dwell richly in you. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and speak to you to bring new strength and new insight. Take some time away from the thundering clamor and just listen, can you hear it? The mere whisper of the Holy Spirit…

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4 thoughts on “A Holy Whisper

  1. So true. The world has so many distractions if we give them our attention. But, we have the right to choose. Thank you for sharing. God’s continued Blessings on you and yours.


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